Our Services

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In light of Aotearoa being in lockdown, because of covid-19, our services are currently being streamed online at https://www.facebook.com/Ststephensponsonby/

We would love you to join us. We may change platforms but this is a work in progress.


Our online services will be between 30-45 minutes and we hope to interact with you, instill hope, connect, pray, sing, think deeply and worship God together.


Even though we live in uncertain times, we can be certain that God is good and that meeting together in any format possible is good for us. We are the church! The physical buildings we call the church are simply that; buildings. It is now time for us to shine by being in unity with each other as the church. Have each opthers backs. Love God and love your neighbour!


Yours in Christ,


Rev. Grant Ridout

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