Our Services

Spirit, Space, Scripture, Stories, Sharing

Grab a coffee or tea on the way in! We have one main service on a Sunday morning at 10am. Our services are relatively informal, often interactive and engaging.

Our main purpose of gathering is to worship our Triune God (three-in-one). Secondary to this, we gather to be equipped, encouraged and strengthened by each other and the Holy Spirit. The first thirty minutes or so of our service is very child friendly, and we like to make a fuss of the younger ones amongst us before they head out to our children’s and youth programs. We have fun, celebrate, dance and sing together with them.

Our sung worship is a fresh fusion of contemporary and ancient songs done in a stripped back way. We believe that hearing the person singing next to you (in or out of key) is part of what it is to worship God authentically together.

Once the children leave for the children’s program we slow things down a bit to create space for the busy and world-worn adults and parents. We like to make space for people to encounter God and each other. Our prayer-times are generally open and we like to hear different voices, but there is never an expectation to speak out. The scriptures are always opened, as we believe that the scriptures are inspired by God, and especially so, when read in community.  Often, there is space to interact, to reflect and to discuss what has been presented in an open and honest environment.

Overall, we aim for a healthy mix of authentic, informal, fun, reflective worship that takes the best of the ancient and the contemporary and that meets people where they are at. We’d love to hear your voice among us too.