Church made simple

We believe that ‘church’ is about coming together (as imperfect people) to worship God in community and to encourage, equip and spur each other on in our love for Jesus Christ and his Kingdom.

We do not believe that church should be about keeping Christians busy doing in-house things. We’d rather grow people than programs.

We are a place to intelligently, creatively, honestly but faithfully wrestle with being followers of Christ today. People often comment on our authenticity and warmth. So bring your whole self and be yourself, it’s that simple.

people standing at the front of the church during a Sunday service

Sunday service

We meet together Sundays at 10am with hot coffee and a selection of teas waiting for you at the door.


Reflective Thursdays

Come breathe, find space during your busy week. Open between 11.30-1.30pm Thursday, come and go as you please.

Group of church members outdoors at the beach during a church social event

Other events

We have many things happening that we do together. You are welcome to find your space in our community.

What are you looking for?

Find your place among our faith community

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