St Stephen’s Ponsonby

World War One Commemorative Service

World War One Commemorative Service 8 November 2015
at St Stephen’s Presbyterian Church Corner Jervois and Shelly Beach Road

The service was to commemorate the service men and women who left from St Stephen’s to serve in the Armed Forces during WWI; and to remember those who died in active service or as a result of their experience.

There was an opportunity for those attending to make their own remembrance by placing a candle or poppy in a memorial tray at the front of the church.

The Manukau Police Choir participated in the service.

There was a display of memorabilia, and contributions from the local schools.

We were particularly keen to hear from family members associated with those being remembered. A list of those service people associated with St Stephen’s is attached.

A reception in the church hall followed the service.

Further details are obtainable from St Stephen’s website:; or from
Rev Don Hall

Online Cenotaph


St Stephen’s Presbyterian Church WWI Commemorations: Roll of Honour

Anderson, John

Bagnall, A.E.

Bagnall, G.S.

Bell, Alex A

Bell, J.S.

Bell, Richard

Beresford, Raymond

Campbell, J.D.

Cameron, J.

Craig, Archibald

Craig, Douglas

Creamer, Leonard B

Creamer, Jod G.

Dawson, A.D

Dickenson, J. Collett

Dickenson, J.S.

Diver, H.

Doull, John S.

Fenton, F.J.F.

Gallaugher, Alan

Gallaugher, Neil

Gardner, W.N.

Gilmour, S.G.

Gittos, V.

Gray, Robert

Hanns, John

Harris, Dawson

Harris, H.R.

Haszard, H.H.

Haszard, Keith F.

Hutchinson, Wm Wallace

Insley, A.E.

Kenning, Herbert

Kirker, Douglas

Kirker, H.R.

Kirker, James

Mahoney, W.

MacClure, W.C.

McConnell, S.J.

Mackay, James

Mackay, John

McKinley, J.M.

McKinstry, Geo

McKinstry, Leslie

Mann, Duncan

Medy, Victor

Miller, Alfred

Miller, Thos S

Miller, W.Harry

Milne, James K.

Morpeth, Moore

Morton, James

Phillips, Eric

Rae, Rob

Rees, F.O.L.

Rees, Joseph

Rees, W.I


 Rew, John

Rew, J.G.

Ridling, Malcolm

Ridling, Lewis

Ridling, R.G.

Ridling, S.W

Roebuck, S.V.

Ross, Arthur

Ross, Hugh I

Russell, A.M.

Sarney, W.H.

Self, Owen

Shepherd, Robi

Smith, W.D.

Smith, William

Sloane, Dunbar

Sloane, Seddon

Sommerville, H

Stewart, A. Murray

Stewart, Roderick

Swan, G.R.

Taylor, Wm

Thomson, T.C.

Whitelaw, Alan C.

Wilson, Wm Muir

Young, A.M.


As written on Shield [Back Office],
Not all these names match those on the walls of the church

Armiger, P.

Badeley, C.

Bagnall, E.

Cousins, E

Craig, G

Dickinson, C

Dickinson, S.

Hadfield, T.

Halley, G.

Impett, K.

Insley, A

Macky, J.V.

Miller, S

Lake, A.

Robinson, C.

Skeates, R.

Stewart, J

Stewart, M.

Stewart, R.

Towsey, A.

Trevarthen, G